Take Five

Went to a Dave Brubeck concert tonight at the Catholic church.. It opened with a 45 minute set of classic Brubeck, and then the second half was a classical work for orchestra, baritone, chorus and jazz quartet. Only words that come to mind: Stunningly Alive with spirit, energy and love for the music and the privilege of playing.

Those players were inspiring.. Old men, but they played with such joy, pure abandon, and love. Their integrity and their souls, magnified by there skill, shown brightly through the sanctuary. Dave spoke eloquently of how music "bridges the gaps, and speaks to all people" ALL of US. His art and his experience spoke to me on a level beyond just entertainment. He helped change the world in the 60s.. Music can do it again today..

The music was alive, the room was alive, the audience was intent on hearing the next note.. and then strangely, in the middle of the second half, people begain to shut down.. some even left.. On the stage was one of the most influential and accomplished musicians of our age, and these people left.. I was shocked.. True the music was "different" but still full of life. Was it because he stretched their minds, encouraged them to grow and take a different view of what music means to them. Was it because the setting was sacred, and maybe God was infringing on their agendas through the artistry of the 100+ musicians?

I loved it ... thank you Lord for providing us diverse talents in this world. People like the chorus singers, to the baritone, to the orchestral players, to the phenomenal jazz quartet. I was proud to be in God's house celebrating the gift of music to the world..Thank you for the friends who took us to the concert.. without them, where would I be.. I would have missed out because of my own plans/agenda.


Anonymous said…
Maybe they were just old and it was past their bedtime or maybe they bought the tickets to support the school and are not really music lovers or maybe they were just being consistently inconsistent.

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