Mobility - yeah right...

I realized I am getting a bit heavy, so here is some humor for you.

I am the tech mobility guru for my company. Yesterday, my cell phone stopped working properly, and now it is difficult to even call me. Irony: I am mr mobility, yet you can't even call me easily right now, because of a simple hardware failure. Fixing the phone is not really an option...since it is my primary telephone.. I am feeling my own pain.. AAAHHHHH... Maybe the tech guy(me) should have had a better support plan for this failure..

If we can't laugh at ourselves, where are we?


Anonymous said…

I complement your honesty and enjoyed your God given tallent for several years at the large Baptist Church you just left. You jumped into the mist of conservative Va. Baptist culture. I am interested in your feelings regarding that culture.

Your friend

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