Institutional Wraith

What in the world do you mean with that .. my wife says.. I told her to look up the definition of wraith, and then think about my favorite TV shows.. She still didn't get it, so I figure readers don't get it either. Definition of Wraith: a ghost or image of a person often seen just before or after death... The context I am using comes from Stargate:Atlantis, where an evil alien race is attacking.. This race is solely dependant on humans as their food source. They consume the life force of those humans unlucky enough to fall into their grasp, becoming stronger and stronger. Almost impossible to kill.

Institutions in today's world are effectively wraiths in this jeffish definition/interpretation. Some actually achieve good things with the "life" we give them. Most use and abuse the precious resource in such short supply. Our time on this world is not unlimited. We live and we die. How we use the time granted us here in this place is entirely up to us...not the machine of our world. With every complacent decision, we feed our dependance on the machine. Thought: God is an undending source of life, if we depend on him, we cannot run out of sustenance. God is not the church.

I am not advocating some sort of anarchichal, isolationist approach to everyday living. I understand that we live in relationships to one another.. and that we, maybe me more than any, are dependant on jobs, careers, and churchs to sustain us... I do think that all too often we lose the importance of people among our devotion to work, church, clubs.. the list goes on and on. The most important thing in my life is my devotion to the people around me. Imagine if we all prioritized each other so highly. Think: How would the world be different?

topics for the future:
What is better, what is the best? Who gets to judge? How and when?
What are the small things we can all change that will make a big difference?
God and the church. Where are we missing the boat?


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