The Fixer

I have come to understand that I am mostly a fixer... I am not an expert on sociological/psychological profiles, but a recent conversation with a good friend.. has polarized my view of my activities.. People split into two types in my thinking.. fixers, and improvers.

Fixer: someone who is driven to complete, fix a given problem.. they derive their personal happiness and worth from getting stuff done.. showing results.
Improvers: someone who is happy to make things better, able to put aside the larger focus of the problem of world peace/world hunger and simply feed people and save as many as you can.

In ministry, particularly in institutional churches, I think maybe my approach is difficult to deal with.. I want to get involved, encourage the people, evolve the institution and FIX stuff. I think maybe I am assuming a responsibility, goal that is beyond me. I think maybe I need to develop a more balanced approach to my world.. I need to embrace improvements with more of a view of success in the little things, and leave the big things to people "above my paygrade".. read that as God mostly..

In corporate world, I have chosen a route as a project manage, yet I am much more an analyst at heart. it allows me to succeed frequently in increments and then also regularly complete and "fix" problems. As a PM, I am in control, in charge, as an analyst, I can only contribute.. HMMM

As a musician, as a performer, I can never fix my performance. I can never be good enough..In my mind, I an only improve. What does this say about me. If I identify myself as a singer at my core, then how can I be a fixer.. Maybe I have learned this behavior because it is what the world around me rewards. Does that mean it is good.. I don't think so...

As a father, I am only a caretaker to my children. They are ultimately God's creation. I love them and take care of them, but I cannot fix them. I can only help them to improve....

On second thought.. maybe I am not a fixer..


Anonymous said…
Men are "fixers"...its in your genes! It drives wives crazy! We need someone to just listen to us vent and there you go trying to "fix it."
The real trouble is that we can't fix each other, only ourselves. On the other hand, God can change"them" or me... if I let Him. You see, He is a gentleman and never forces anything on us.
Jeff Prillaman said…
I'm not sure I agree about the gender specificity in your comments.. It seems too broad to me and a bit stereotypical, but I understand your point..about not "trying to fix one another"

Galations speaks of us all as equals in Christ.. nothing is forced on us.. God's love is amazing.. and his patience is infinite.

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