Faith based perspective

How is faith related to perspective? I think that faith becomes the foundation which allows you to have multiple perspectives. Yes, there is always more than one. Faith allows me to accept different views, find common ground with others, and have relationships.. I don't have to worry about being right or wrong, black or white, or good or evil for anyone except myself. Dealing with other's actions is something best left to the epic struggle of the Empire. The institution began as good, but was corrupted into something perverted and evil... but through it all, the Force was still there guiding all of it.. The people almost all changed roles, or were led astray. Again, your perspective determines your views their. Has today's church become the empire? Are even the good churches largely hiding from the truth regarding their minimal impact on their world? Are we connected enough to even understand that "control" and comprehension of the impact of the ecumenical church of 2005 is beyond us. It is a waste of our energy to focus there, we should focus instead on our individual relationships.

God's perspective.. is not something that we can understand or fathom.. time doesn't matter, the "system" is baloney, history is a blink.. those are just the beginning of our inability to comprehend. Jesus said.. I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man comes to the Father except through me. If you need to know what to do.... Love one another

My perspective...
God loves me as his unique creation, God has a plan for me in His creation, a plan to prosper me, and God will stick with me no matter what sort of mess I bring on myself...

I need to better define for myself...
1. Inspiration
2. Revelation
3. Interpretation


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