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Question I constantly ask myself.... How does someone do all of that
stuff... musician, technology, religion, family. I wish I had an
answer, I am not sure how I keep up with so much. I guess I am,
exactly who God made me. The biggest question for me tends to be
priorities. Hence the name of my blog.. I am consistently inconsistent.
Like most people, my thoughts and positions do seem to change a lot...Quote that keeps coming back to me.. from "Chariots of Fire" .. asked
to the minister about why he runs...
"Why do you run? I run because God made me fast"Just when I think I have got an order figured out, when I think I have
a plan.. I am reminded that I am just a bit player in a play written
by the greatest author of all time. As far as where I think priorities
should be.. my relationship with my God, then my Family, then my
myriad of Jobs.Where the "rubber meets the road", family has to be first.. It takes
work, but I have repeatedly put my family fi…

On display

Charles and I have a recital tomorrow night. I love the singing. But I
hate putting on the "ego" .. Or... maybe I love it, but am ashamed at
my desire to be the best... fine line there.Why is it that most americans have so little regard for anything fine,
refined, or requiring great discipline to achieve. I get the whole
"free spirit" idea. Am I just part of thinking stemming from another
age. I believe that God made me carefully and whole, and intended for
me to be exactly who I am. I am a singer, but I am so much more. Why
must we lock ourself into the cultural expectations all around us.
Even the church, today's institutional church, seeks to stereotype
us.. WHY? Why isn't each individuals value apparent to every other?
Why must we put ourselves on display, and "Ridi pagliacci" (play the
clown) The cycle seems so vicious. I logged on to the church
website and.... verse of the day.. Finally, brothers, whatever is true,
whatever is noble, whatever is r…