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Looking Back

#LookingBack -->> I long for days where my goal was just to sing well in my lessons and coachings and auditions and please Dr Flummerfelt and Glenn and Frauke in rehearsals. Schubert, Mozart, Faure, Duparc, Poulenc, Beethoven, Bellini, Puccini, Verdi, Copland, Bernstein, even Brahms and Wagner were my heroes... so many others on that list..... Handel and Bach were a "necessary discipline;-)" -- Seemed so hard then and now it seems so far away.  #WCCstrong I adored singing and connecting with my voice to audiences and colleagues alike.  I forget how I despised the long commutes, total lack of money, struggle to just get from place to place... and dreams of future. #MidlifeCrisismaybe#MidlifeMusingMoreLikely traveling, and attention were never the focus... results and influence and impact and personal achievement proving I could "do it" -- those were my my motivations -- helping others to achieve more with their singing was a particular passion... I dreamed of …

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