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Writing in my book of life.

I was moved today as I prayed together with a "family of Christians" and Virginians in uptown Martinsville.  

We didn't know each other. We chose to prioritize this brief time to commemorate and offer up a piece of our day in respect and humility... as humans on a planet spinning... struggling and searching for common ground.  

We were in the midst of uptown, on display, showing ourselves for all to see. We stood and sat together. We talked briefly after the service and then returned to our daily schedules. I do not know if others were moved as I was. I hope and pray that they were.  

The entreaty to serve where we are as Jeremiah, the scripture from 1st Corinthians and the quotes from MLK burned into my brain... an image of a world where we are not at the center... but our service to one another takes priority and practice. It is a dream indeed.. but a powerful one which I strive to bring into focus only for me. As to the entire world seeing it clearly, and hearing a…

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